Technical data HD TAB 700


Frequency Range:TV and CATV TUNER, extended band, 4-1,250 MHz SAT TUNER 930-2,400 MHz extended band to 2,600 MHz (optional order) GSM, extended band, 860-1,000 MHz for telephone repeater installations
Input impedance:75 ohms (interchangeable “F” connectors)
Digital Measurements:Digital Power, MER, BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, Noise Margin, MER versus CARRIER
Analog measurements (without picture):Analog Level, V/A ratio
Power range measurements:TV 28 to 130 dBµV, SAT 30 to 130 dBµV
Net ID:Net-id, NID, TSID, LCN, SAT Orbit Position
Spectrum with MAX HOLD: full spectrum, memory peak capable, variable spans and automatic reference stage
Constellation: for TV/CATV and SAT signals
Echos, Pre-Echos, Micro-Echos:real-time display
quality:digital auto-quality test: PASS-MARGINAL-FAIL
digital picture display: MPEG2-4 SD & HD pictures with program list, audio video PIDs, LCN, video bitrate – all on one screen (DVB-T 2 with H.264 MPEG-4 NOT H.265/HEVC (Germany)
TV memory plan:worldwide countries with corresponding channel lists pre-stored
SAT-Memory-Plan:more than 2.000 transponders for worldwide satellites
Manual-Memory-Plan:Programmable TV cable, SAT (or combined TV cable/SAT) by PC or local keyboard
Logger:Cable, SAT or combined with Stop & Go function
Audio:AAC, DOLBY (optional) For some audio transmissions especially for public service programs on broadband cable, the optional DOLBY package must be purchased.
optical power measurement (opt.)with exchangeable SC connectors for fiber tests (FTTH & FTTX)
free SMART PC interface program and FW upgrades

General specifications

7 “TFT TOUCH display16:9 resolution
DC voltage at RF input5 – 12 – 18 – 24 V, DiSEqC, SCR, dCSS.
Battery:Li-Po battery, 2 hours runtime
Power supply and charger:12 V DC, 1A.
USB-PC interface:for SW upgrade online and memory plan management
USB-PC interface:for memory stick
Case & bag:metal case and bag.
Weight:1.4 Kg. Dimensions 25.5 x 13.0 x 4.0 cm (meter only).

OPTIONS (additionally orderable from factory)

Premium bag
HD Optic Input
HD Coax Cable Reflectometer
HD Remote Control
HD Wide Band
HD Audio Dolby+

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