Technical data OMNIA 7000

MAIN FEATURES Frequency range from 5 to 1250 MHz with extended bands for CATV and GSM telephone repeaters Digital RF measurements from 5 MHz to 1.25 GHz including average power/level, pre/post BER, MER, S/N ratio, spectrum analyzer and constellation INGRESS mode, LECKAGE mode, BALK DIAGRAM and SCRATCH mode DOCSIS 3.0 upstream and downstream capabilities, 8 x4 channel bundling with automatic snapping to CMTS, for complete test of modem installation, with forward and return path analysis Ping report, network IP configuration Measurement of lost packets, latency and PER DOCSIS upstream tone generator 5-65 MHz OPTICAL POWER MEASUREMENT (opt.) with interchangeable FC-ST-SC sockets for fiber measurements (FTTH & FTTX) and fault diagnosis User defined channel measurement/logging with automatic quality analysis: FAIL-PASS-MARG Assisted navigation, memory plans and automatic channel lists via scan Available with all worldwide frequency lists Alpha/numeric keypad for direct channel/frequency input SMART software for PC: allows SW updating, management of channel lists and logger data Detects, measures and SHOWS MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 H264 HD High Definition channels Auto memory, manual memory & datalogger functions Bar chart for TV & CATV with10 to 100 channels simultaneously on one screen Audio, AAC standard, DOLBY (optional) 7″ TFT TOUCH screen, 16:9, high resolution Weighs only 1.6 kg, measures: H 14 x W 24 x D 4 cm LI-ION-POLIMER 4A battery with 4 hours autonomy Battery test function to regenerate/test the battery and calibrate the battery reserve indicator Included accessories: padded carrying bag, accessories, power supply and car adapter Free SW update via ROVER website SPECIFICATIONS LEVEL MEASUREMENT & SPECTRUM ANALYSIS Frequency range: TV, CATV & and Radio 5-1250 MHz Frequency resolution: 25 KHz RF input impedance: 75 Ω (interchangeable “F” jacks) Dynamic range: 1 dBuV to 125 dBuV or -59 to +65 dBmV or -112 to +16 dBm Measurement resolution: 0.1 dB Level measurement accuracy: 1 dB typ. (2 dB max.) A/V distance: up to 22 dB, +/- 1.5 dB (2 dB max.) S/N Distance: up to 45dB +/-1.5 dB max; 45-50dB +/-2dB Filter bandwidth resolution: 100 KHz @ -3 dB Custom channel lists: 25 (199 channels/list) POWER & DIGITAL MEASUREMENTS Frequency range: 5-1250 MHz Dynamic range of power measurement: 25 to 125 dBµV, -45 to 65 dBmV BER measurement: (pre) bBER up to 1 x 10-9 (post) aBER up to 1 x 10-9 MER measurement: up to 40 dB (1 dB typ., 2 dB max.) OPTICAL MEASUREMENTS FC-ST-SC interchangeable input connectors automatic calculation of attenuation Wavelengths (nm): 850,1310, 1490, 1550 Range: -25 to 10 dBm Resolution: 0.1 dB Accuracy: +/- 0.5 dB Optical to RF conversion INGRESS & SPECTRUM MEASUREMENTS Ingress Sampling Spectrum Frequency range: 5 -65 MHz Level: 5 dBuV to 125 dBuV Accuracy: +/- 2dB Bandwidth: 100 KHz @ -3dB LEAKAGE MEASUREMENTS Frequency Range: 115-140 MHz (USA), 250-430 MHz (EUROPE). Resolution: 25 KHz Antenna type: selectable DOCSIS DOWNSTREAM MEASUREMENTS DOCSIS 3.0 compliant modem (8×4 channel bundling) Frequency range: 5-1000 MHz Input impedance: 75 Ω (interchangeable “F” sockets) Range: – 45 to + 65 dBmV Measurements: Level/Power, MER, Pre/Post BER, Transmit Power, Packets Transmitted, Packets Received, Packets Lost, PER, Latency Min/Max/Avg, Channel Bonding Upstream Level and IP Status. MAC Address:Default or user defined DOCSIS UPSTREAM & GENERATOR/TEST Tone generator Frequency: 5-65 MHz Modulation: QPSK, QAM, 8,16,32,64 Typical range: 8 to 53 dBmV (1 dB typ., 2 dB max.) Channel bundling: Up to 4x upstream supports ingress scan spectrum Frequency range: 5-65MHz INTERFACES DOCSIS 3.0 and RF: F – jack LAN: RJ45 10/100 Ethernet USB 2.0: Type B (PC interface) USB 2.0: Type A (USB memory) MAIN SPECIFICATIONS Power supply: Replaceable NiMh battery, external power supply 12 VDC 1A Battery autonomy at 25°C: 4 hours Dimensions: H 140 x W 240 x D 50 mm (meter only) PC interface: USB Display: Color LCD 7″ (480 x 800 pixels) Front panel: alpha-numeric keypad Power saving mode: timer for TFT backlight, adjustable brightness PC management: SMART software Standard accessories: carrying case and shoulder strap, USB 2.0 cable, power supply, 12V car adapter, RF & optical interchangeable jacks, SMART Software
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